What is Posi-Joist, i.e. combined wooden and metal beams?

Posi-Joist is a unique technology in the production of beams for floors and inserted ceilings. It has been developed by MiTek (a combined wooden and metal beam system) and combines the lightness of wood with the reliability of a steel structure. This technology can span wider spaces than alternative wooden structures.

The combined wooden and metal beams are widely used in the structures of floors and inserted ceilings in residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Thanks to visible advantages as to the length of the given space, the beam can meet different interior plans. The laying of floors is fast and easy and the risk of shrinking decreases thanks to the reduced amount of wood required.

The advantage of the system is the spatial structure of the beam, which enables the easy installation of communications. Thus, the work of electricians and sanitary technicians is considerably easier.

Why choose Posi-Joist combined wooden and metal beams

  • Lower construction costs, as the installation of Posi-Joist combined wooden and metal beams is extremely simple and fast, meaning fewer working hours are spent on the structure.
  • Posi-Joist beams are lighter, more resistant and designed to bear heavier loads.
  • The construction costs decrease even more, as the installation of communications (ventilation, electricity, plumbing) is faster and easier than in the case of I-girders.
  • We are able to provide you with a wide choice of tailor-made Posi-Joist combined wooden and metal beams in different sizes.

  • Thanks to the popularity of sustainable homes, more mechanical ventilation systems are installed. Therefore, an increasing number of architects are looking for flexible floor solutions with an open structure.
  • The strength of Posi-Strut™ steel ties helps establish longer spans than alternative wooden products.
  • Provides extraordinary freedom of design in room planning.
  • Thanks to the open structure of the beams, there are more opportunities to add applications in the case of industrial or commercial buildings.