The aim is to provide a wide selection of building structures made of high quality combined wooden and metal beams, which are both easy and fast to fit and save clients time and money.


To be the first-choice and most reliable partner in Estonia for combined wooden and metal beams by 2020.

What do we value?


Every element, module, detail and structure is effectively planned, carefully manufactured and subsequently checked to ensure the best results. The whole production process takes place in the factory, where the builder has a better working environment than on site, and the outcome is of higher quality and cleaner.


The Posi-Joist combined wooden and metal beam system is unique and allows for greater freedom in designing floors and ceilings. The fitting of combined wooden and metal beams is easy and they are environmentally friendly. They represent great value for money! The production line of nail plate frames is the best and most powerful of all the production lines used in the Baltics and always ensures the highest quality.


We value the environment and care for nature. The combined wooden and metal beam system enables us to use less wood than normal, while the steel frame combined with wood is strong and resistant.

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